“Political Chaos and Your Business”

The political pros were wrong about almost everything in the last election. Now, with a Trump-led realignment of power in Washington, how should business people plan for their businesses and themselves?

Geoff Colvin has answers, explaining what’s at stake in terms you won’t hear elsewhere. Economic growth, consumer demand, interest rates, taxes, employment costs – cable news doesn’t spend much time on those issues, but all of them are set to change, transforming the business environment in important ways.

That’s why business people must keep the most significant issues in mind, even when the daily Washington chatter wanders away from them. In the era of the gig economy, the Uberization of everything, advancing technology, and a large-scale global labor market, Washington is still in the 20th century on business policy. Business people need to remember that three giant, long-term issues – entitlement reform, comprehensive tax reform, and immigration reform – are the real keys to how Washington can turbocharge or hinder the overall U.S. economy in the years ahead. All those issues are in play, with chances of significant change greater than they’ve been in a generation. But what will actually happen?

Geoff explains why partisanship won’t decrease, so one thing most business people want from government – policy stability – will remain a dream. Yet we can’t afford to be paralyzed, and Geoff shows how the most successful business people are competing and winning in this uncertain environment. Calling on his deep relationships in the worlds of Washington and corporate America, Geoff brings a message of optimism that too often gets lost in the political rough and tumble.

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