“The 21st-Century Corporation — Winning in a Friction-Free Economy”

Imagine an economy without friction – a new world in which labor, information, and money move easily, cheaply, and almost instantly. Psst – it’s here. Is your company ready?

We see it all around us: Sweeping new realities are changing the rules of success. The most successful companies right now are forming starkly new, more fluid relationships with customers, workers, and owners. They’re rethinking the role of capital (as traditionally defined) and finding they can thrive while owning less and less of it. They are creating value in new ways as they reinvent R&D and marketing. And finally, they’re measuring their performance by new metrics because traditional gauges no longer capture what counts.

These are 21st-century corporations, new winners in a new world, and Geoff Colvin knows them and their leaders well. These companies aren’t all glamorous Silicon Valley startups. They can be of any age and in any industry. Every company will have to become one, creating value in innovative ways, or lose out to competitors that do so, often with capital-light, Internet-enabled business models.

As Geoff reveals in his conversational, engaging style, this is good news. Accelerating change, creative destruction, and new business models present historically great opportunities. Geoff presents specific strategies and next steps for seizing those opportunities, based on eye-opening examples. A unifying theme as the economy transforms is that in almost every business, barriers to entry are coming down.

In every presentation Geoff focuses on examples and drivers of these changes appropriate for the audience. For instance:

  • The ways new apps and cloud-based tools are the bloodstream of the enterprise – turning far-flung workers into hives of collaboration – and connecting companies to their customers like never before.
  • How 3D models close the gap between engineering and manufacturing – allowing rapid iteration of products. Sensors can monitor operating conditions to improve performance and keep downtime to a minimum. Real-time dashboards give managers the information they need to constantly increase productivity.
  • Who needs physical assets? More companies are creating high value with scant hard assets, even if – like Apple, Fitbit, J&J, and Tesla – they make tangible products.
  • How what’s expected from leaders has changed and who’s doing it best.
  • Ways the pact between employers and employees continues to evolve with top companies developing new levels of transparency, creating stronger career paths for employees to retain talent and unleashing the full talent of the organization by aligning around a set of core values and shared vision that gets everyone focused on the same mission.

Geoff’s message in this presentation is optimistic and energizing: Opportunity is more widely available than ever. Every organization, and every person, can possess the 21st century’s most valuable assets – openness to new ideas, ingenuity, and imagination. Geoff makes the point – in this new world someone’s going to win – it may as well be you!

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