“The Economic Outlook”

Even before the new alignment of power in Washington, it was the question on every business leader’s mind: Where is the economy going? Now it’s more urgent – and uncertain.

The economic environment is more volatile than ever. In opinion surveys, top CEOs and ordinary consumers say the same thing: There’s too much change, too fast; we can’t keep up. We all remember a time when it was easier to anticipate where things might be headed, when the consequences of misjudgment were less severe. Now a meltdown of financial markets in China can ripple globally and take down a trillion dollars in assets in a single day – and such volatility is becoming more common.

In this environment the stakes for decision makers are higher. Yet while the madness of crowds is now possible on a global scale, Colvin argues – counterintuitively – that deep inter-connectedness isn’t a bad thing. We live increasingly in one big capitalist world. The globe’s capital is more willing and able to go anywhere, moving as comfortably as Beyoncé on a concert tour. Capital’s ability to move freely is actually a strong buffer against the worldwide system falling flat, Geoff says. Much has changed, he argues, since the 2008 global financial crisis.

So what should you make of the economy right now? That’s the question Geoff answers in his talks. He shows audiences the economic forces that will drive their industry and business. Geoff’s presentations draw on the first-hand conversations he’s constantly having with top policy makers and business leaders around the world – people he knows personally and has covered for many of his 36 years at Fortune. Geoff explains what they’re seeing – and how they’re reacting and planning for the future.

Geoff reflects on the varied forces driving economic change and offers a glimpse of where each may take us. Governments are influencing the economic climate more than ever, through monetary policy and protectionist/isolationist policies that impact trade. Robots and artificial intelligence are eliminating more jobs than they create, at least for now. The EU and China are wild cards, each with widespread implications. Surging social and demographic changes are creating new challenges and opportunities. The economic picture changes by the day, and Geoff Colvin has a brilliant perch at Fortune to view it all – to get ahead of official statistics to uncover what’s going on. Engaging, energetic, and topical, Geoff helps audiences understand how they can compete and win in a fast changing economic future.

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