Angel Customers & Demon Customers:Discover Which is Which and Turbocharge Your Stock

Co-author with Larry Selden

Do you have any unprofitable customers? Many business people insist they don’t—but they’re almost always wrong.

Can you name the customers that are doing most and least for your company’s stock? Many business people think they can—but they almost always name the wrong ones.

The pressure is on companies to perform like never before: Competition grows ever more brutal, investors more merciless. Now a number of leading-edge companies are taking a fundamental new look at their ultimate source of value and success: their customers. They’re learning to identify those that are boosting their stock and those that are actually hammering it—knowledge competitors rarely possess. Then they’re acting on that knowledge in ways that consistently deliver superior shareowner value. More profoundly, they’re reconceiving their companies as portfolios of customers, and organizing and managing on that basis.

You have never read a book about customers like this one.  It has the potential to radically transform your business—to improve your profitability and share price dramatically– without layoffs or restructurings. You already know, or can easily learn, what you need to know.

Just learn how to use it.

Praise for Angel Customers & Demon Customers

“This work is vital to every company that has customers and aspires to a premium P/E. We have 50 million customers, and it is critical for us.”
―Brad Anderson, former CEO, Best Buy

“Focus on profitable customers. Find more such customers. Make unprofitable customers profitable. Larry Selden and Geoff Colvin suggest fantastic approaches you can use. Read the book.”
—Ram Charan, coauthor of Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

“Selden and Colvin, two world-class experts, provide a breakthrough formula for how customers can drive a company’s stock. The book is chock-full of well-researched concepts and practical steps for helping business leaders truly put their customers on center stage to turbocharge their stock. A practical and inspiring book.”
—Noel Tichy, bestselling business author and former chief of GE’s Crotonville management development center

“Manages that rare mix of being both surprising and eminently reasonable.”
-Publisher’s Weekly